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Antescofo is a Paris-based Mobile company, revolutionalizing amateur music practice thanks to its unique and award-winning technology. Antescofo is the developper of the Metronaut App, a unique and multiple-featured App that listens to musicians and accompanies them in live as if they were playing with other musicians. Metronaut is already worldwide with more than 180k users practicing on a daily basis.

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Open Positions

Deep Learning Scientist

Antescofo is looking for Deep Learning Scientist to join its team Full-Time at the heart of Paris, France to help a new ground-breaking innovation at the intersection of AI, Image Processing and Music.

Antescofo was incorporated in Paris in 2016 by former researchers from INRIA, IRCAM and College de France based on an award-winning project of the same name and out of 10 years of R&D. Recognized by peers worldwide for its excellence at the intersection of Machine Learning and Audio, the company aims at bringing its technology to every amateur musician while innovating on new frontiers. The company announced a Series Seed fundraising of 4m€ on February 2019 with participation of world innovation leaders such as Yann LeCun and Idei Nobuyuki.

In this position, you’ll join world-class researchers in the field of Machine Learning, Signal Processing and Real-time Systems. You will have the first seat to use extensive novel data generated everyday at Antescofo to solve new problems. You’ll have a unique opportunity to profoundly impact the lives of hundreds of millions of future musicians and re-imagine the way music can be learned, played, and enjoyed worldwide.

This is Fulltime Position based in Antescofo Headquarters in Paris.

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  • Model, Design and Train Neural Nets using recent trends in AI
  • Lead training database preparation and management with Antescofo Engineers
  • Lead R&D of a cutting-edge product resulting from your research that will change musicians’ usage of mobile devices
  • Federate Result-Oriented Research in interaction with AI Research Community from Academia and Industry
  • Participate in the evolution of a new product, with focus on efficiency and excellence of delivery.



  • You have extensive experience with Neural Nets and Image Processing
  • You can read musical scores and understand musical symbology
  • Music is your passion; AI is your passion; and like other people at Antescofo, you think they should go together smoothly.
  • Years of experience in modeling and developing complex Neural Network systems
  • Excellent knowledge of common Neural Net frameworks such as Torch and their deployment
  • Solid experience in organizing massive training databases with engineers and iterative planning to train and improve models
  • Excellent organization, prioritization and time management skills
  • Self-motivated and energetic team player with a very strong work ethic and cooperative attitude

Additional Preference

  • Years of practicing a Musical Instrument
  • PhD or equivalent in AI-related field
  • End-User related experience with deployment of Neural Nets
  • Experience with Apple CoreML Framework


  • You’ll have a profound impact on increasing musical literacy, and ways in which people will learn and play music.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to work and discuss with some of the most important AI researchers in the world!
  • You’ll work with an amazing group of people in a wide range of fields, and have real autonomy in small, efficient teams.
  • You’ll get the challenges and rewards of working on a brand new product that will change the world of music, and the opportunity to grow your role.
  • Enjoy working with world-class musicians from all around the world, and working at the heart of Paris with all its perks.
  • Competitive Salary and Package.

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Sound Engineer

Main missions

  • You’ll be managing the production of our audio accompaniment recordings (piano play alongs): Recording of pianists on acoustic pianos equipped with MIDI sensors.
  • You are in charge of post-productions including audio track synthesis and mastering, and real-time MIDI remastering.
  • You prepare recording sessions with pianists and copyists.
  • You are responsible for the Musical quality and accuracy of interpretations.
  • You integrate prepared recordings into Metronaut App catalog through our in-house computing tools and employ our recognition and automatic data processing algorithms developed to this end.
  • You optimize the mastering of sound accompaniments for smartphones & tablets (iPhone, iPad, …).
  • You will participate in the evolution of our in-house Tools and music production with a team of best engineers, musicians and music researchers worldwide.

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Depending on your affinities and skills

  • You record and produce audio accompaniments with other musicians: guitarists, flutists, etc.
  • You are responsible for mixing and mastering orchestral recordings and other musical ensembles.
  • You produce play-alongs of all styles (classical, traditional music, …) by the means of sound design & audio synthesis that you know.
  • You take part in the curation of musical works relevant to the application, and / or the choice or verification of the corresponding scores.
  • You write arrangements of new or already produced pieces for other solo instruments.

We are looking for

Essential skills

  • You value Musical Quality and you armed with excellent sight-reading skills to this end.
  • You have a solid knowledge of traditional musical notation, and you are familiar with classical repertoire.
  • You master LogicX and/or Pro-Tools software, in particular for MIDI recording, MIDI track manipulation and editing, and click track creation.
  • You have basic knowledge of Finale engraving software, or are motivated to acquire this with our professional engravers’ team.
  • You are proficient with Mac OS environment.

Important skills

  • You have abilities in keyboard deciphering or sight reading of musical scores.
  • You have good musicological knowledge in piano accompaniments, piano techniques, playing techniques and notation of classical instruments (strings, winds, brass, etc.)

Conditions and remunerations

  • Minimum 2 days every two weeks, evolving to two days per week depending on the availability of the candidate.
  • Competitive pay per day, to be agreed based on the candidate’s experience.

Our Values

You’ll have a profound impact on how people will play music.

Antescofo is the best place in the world where cutting edge AI scientists, computer programmers, designers, business-developpers and world-class musicians come together to change how people interact with music.


You’ll evolve in an Award-winning Startup, at the heart of Paris, and graduate of two of the best Startup ecosystems in town (Agoranov and StationF).

We work in small efficient teams, where everyone has autonomy, freedom to make decisions, and a strong sense of ownership. At Antescofo, we believe in and implement self-governance.




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