Hello Friends,

As you’ve surely noticed, with this new version of the App comes a big change: Subscriptions! We’re sure you have loads of questions about it, so here is an attempt to answer some.

Why are we launching subscriptions now?

When we launched Metronaut on the App Store almost a year ago (time flies!), our main goal was to get as much feedbacks from musicians as possible to improve the App and make it as useful as can be for them. Thanks to your support and messages, we feel like that has been a success. 🙂

Now that you, and thousands of musicians, are playing with Metronaut every month, we want to be able to offer you more: More pieces with high-quality scores and audio accompaniments, more features to help you practice and always a stable, crash-free App. The only way for us to maintain and improve Metronaut that way is by introducing subscriptions.

Can you still use Metronaut for free?

Yes! Each month you’ll be able to play for 10 minutes for free with Metronaut (and we mean play, we only count minutes you spend actually playing music, not exploring the App or looking at the score). You’ll have full access to our catalog, playing any piece you’d like.

And that’s not all, as a thank you for being one of the first musicians to use Metronaut, the first month is on us if you subscribe! 😉

How much does the subscription cost?

You can get unlimited play time with Metronaut on all your devices for 3,99€/week or 9,99€/month (no time commitment).

If you have any questions regarding subscriptions or anything else on Metronaut, just send us an email to feedback@antescofo.com!

Musically yours,

The Metronaut Team
Arshia, Audrey, Emmanuel, Gwénolé, José, Laurent, Philippe, Pierre, Reda