Play Accompanied by the Best Professional Musicians Metronaut’s accompanists are among the best orchestras and pianists. Each accompaniment offers fully acoustic and high quality studio recordings. You can adjust its tempo without impairing sound quality.

Soyez accompagné par les meilleurs musiciens professionnels

Setup your Tempo as Desired If you play music mainly as a hobby, Metronaut will help improve your level, as if musicians were standing by your side. You can play any piece you wish, at your rhythm, freely. And this at the original tempo, or at any other tempo you will set yourself.

Paramétrez le tempo à votre main

Master your Progress Aside from playing the instrument per se, nothing is harder than keeping up with the right tempo. Note after note, Metronaut’s « assisted tempo » feature will draw you towards that comfortable tempo you had initially set.

Progressez toujours plus

Liberate Yourself and Bypass your Limits Get empowered to play at your own rhythm throughout the piece: Metronaut adapts accompaniment tempo to your interpretation in real-time.

Libérez-vous et dépassez vos limites !

Expand your Repertoire You can transpose any piece for your voice or instrument: baritone for a soprano, violon for a clarinet… Whether you want to play a classical piece with a rare instrument or with another instrument than the one originally intended, or sing outside of your voice range, you will enjoy the right transpositions you need.

Enrichissez votre répertoire

Experience our Digital Score Metronaut leverages music scores to the digital age: setting the tempo down to the very beat, a score scrolling as you play, selecting where to start down to the very note, transposing for different instruments or voice ranges… All these features are meant to empower you to perform under the best possible conditions.

 Découvrez notre partition numérique


Optimize your progress
Metronaut provides everything you need to make ever more progress and avoid bad habits: Record and listen to the piece you just played while following your performance on the score. Metronaut? A fun way to practice!

Progressez de façon optimale

Enrich our catalog, share your performances Metronaut’s catalog expands by you and for you: upvote pieces suggested by other users and suggest your own new pieces! You can also make audio or video recordings of your performances and share them to help other musicians.

Enrichissez le catalogue, partagez vos performances

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